NADIA’S WAR is the story of Nadia Rowe, born into slavery, now captain of a privateer ship, although some would call her a pirate. She becomes a target for greater forces, ones that put her in ever more danger. With her crew of scoundrels and heroes, friends, allies, and lovers, she must navigate not only the hostile waters of the Caribbean but also conspiracies, disasters, slavers, and the loves of both the woman by her side and the man she has always yearned for. Will she prevail? Who will be standing by her side at the end? And what will happen to those who try to bring her down?

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The action takes place around the island of Hispaniola, now Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In the late 1600s the Spanish controlled the eastern half and the French controlled the western half, while to the northwest was the island of Tortuga, home of the Brethren Of The Coast, a colony of privateers and pirates.

Important locations in the book include the towns of Jacmel and Petit Goave in the French area of Sainte-Domingue, the Spanish colonial capital of Santo Domingo, and of course Tortuga, where the buccaneers are.