Nadia’s Sequel

It’s been a while but work has begun on the second book of Nadia’s adventures. No idea when it will be done, but it is definitely exciting to get back into the buccaneer world and see what kind of trouble we can get her and her friends into.

Out In The World

The book has been out a few weeks, and it has gotten a nice reception. It is strange to think of people reading it after all these years, hopefully enjoying the story and the setting that we put together. My favorite comment so far? “Pretty good – for a first book.” Honesty is always appreciated.


We announced availability on Facebook, and appreciate all the nice comments and congratulations. We’ve also set up a Facebook page for M&R Press, you can hit the button up above to go there.  I’ve been adding some images of the ships discussed in the books, pictures are helpful to get a sense of what the action would look like – and also be impressed with how buccaneers managed to capture much larger warships like frigates from faster and more maneuverable craft like sloops.

Paper Versus Pixels

I’ve stared at the manuscript as it was written, rewritten, and edited. I thought I knew every letter and comma by heart. But when I held the actual book in my hands, it was a whole different thing – including finding a typo on the very first page. I have no idea how that could happen, but it just goes to show there is still a place for paper books in our digital age.


Until publishing, I had no idea how much I would await a review. I’d like it to be good, of course, but even more I’d like someone other than Nayanka and I to actually read it! We’ve had a few sales, which is nice – but does anybody like the book?

What’s in a name?

Uploading the book was easy enough, the hard part apparently is getting the authors’ names right. We’d decided to use our middle initials, because it looks more fancy. But the Kindle interface doesn’t allow you to do that, while the paperback one does. This means that people clicking on the name with and without the initials go to different places, and the Author Page is only linked to one version of the book. After two days of emails and adjustments both versions finally have the right name. I think it took less time to write the final scenes in the book.

It’s out!

After three years the book is now available. It has been a surprisingly long and twisty path to get here. We had no idea what it would be like to write a novel, and all the other steps and people who would be necessary and helpful along the way. We certainly hope people read and enjoy the book, but even if nobody ever does, it is an accomplishment for us, and it was fun to be creative and make something new. Over the next few weeks I’ll do some posts on the process and pitfalls, there are already many excellent guides to writing and self publishing already, but a few details of our story might be helpful to others.

Published – sort of

Well, not really. But the Submit button was pressed, and now we wait to see what happens. Thought there would be a sense of relief, instead now anxious about how it will look in physical form and if anyone will want to read it!

It’s done?

A strange feeling to send an email saying thank you for the layout and formatting, it’s all done. Since the first keystroke three years ago it’s been hard to imagine ever saying, “That’s it, no more writing or editing.” And yet here we are. There’s still a little more work to be done on the cover, but we’re running out of things to do before just going ahead and publishing.

Cover layout

Soon after finishing the first draft (which is much longer ago than expected!) we commissioned cover art and started working on the book’s cover. This turned out to be almost as complicated as writing the book, needing to think about page size and thickness and color. A valuable lesson is to not spend hours working on it until you have your final formatting, because word processor page counts are not likely to match up with the final manuscript. It was fun to see the artist’s interpretation of the characters, we started seeing them that way once we saw the art.

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